I am currently fulfilling obligations overseas. A date of return to California has not been decided. Tomorrow morning, I will arrive in Prague, for an annual tournament. I have not seen the streets in years. I am sure much has changed.

Semester End. [public]

To all students, I apologize for the delay in testing, my personal circumstances were unavoidable. Wednesday will be your final. Thank you, to all class models - even the ones in rare attendance. No session will be held on Friday.

I will be leaving for Europe within the next several weeks - my exact departure is still undecided. If any art majors wish to schedule an appointment during this time, please contact my office (the number can be found on your syllabus). I will remain on campus grounds until 9pm for the remainder of this week.
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On the subject of a passing grade:

A small portion of my students feel that they are above the regulated decorum of my class. Attending sessions is not mandatory, but it is suggested for those who wish to pass. Two students have already been removed from my roster, and a few are rather close to following.

Mr. ... Monkey. I will forgive one or two unexcused absences, but you have missed weeks. Schedule an appropriate time to visit my office, or you will be dismissed.

Mr. Roronoa, your efforts are unsatisfactory, and, unless this is rectified, I will be inclined to fail you. Again.


Concerning this online journal, I have been disregarding my obligations. I find it rather hard to remain continuously active in such a frivolous pastime, especially when my attention is best directed elsewhere.

Dell, it is nice to hear from you again; if you are unoccupied this weekend, I extend to you an invitation - a new gallery exhibit has opened that I believe you will find most interesting.

This has weighed on my mind the last few days... [private-staff only]

Since my last online conversation with Shanks, I have been rethinking over the possibility of returning to Europe. My duties and... social requirements seem to demand more time as of late. Also, flying between continents has caused my reasons for reconsidering this somewhat permanent fixation to exponentially grow.

I will wait, and allow the semester come to full fruition, before making any final decisions.
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[private - locked to Zoro]

I am aware that my late grading makes it rather impossible to find another extracurricular course this semester. Did I forget to mention that I failed you last semster? A thousand pardons. You're more than welcome to rejoin my class.

This is a reminder to students: [public]

If you are planning on entering my fine arts class(es) for the Spring Semester:

Either come to my office, or leave a message on my livejournal, to confirm your current enrollment status. Last-minute confirmations in my advanced class will only be tolerated for the next three days. After this time has passed, you must schedule a meeting and aptly remind me of why you are supposedly worthy enough for elevated placement - failure to meet my criteria will result in an immediate drop. For students in my basic art course, I only expect you to be equipped with a sketch pad and pencil, for now.

Never an empty campus. [private]

I had foregone the frivolous routine that had been sheduled for me one particular morning, and decided it best to return to campus. I have grown particularly fond of a certain space. Unfortunately, there seems to be someone else who wishes to utilize this perfect clearing of earth - I should congratulate the groundskeeper... perhaps purchase several hundred new plants... I am almost filled with the notion that his construction may be purposeful. Also on the subject of purposeful, Doflamingo...

But I digress.

It appears that I am now sharing my favoured training ground. Not feeling much in the mood for new encounters, I had not bothered to reveal myself to this other... supposed connoisseur of the sword. If this problem persists, I may take action, and the prospect of seeking a new favourite place is rather boring...
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My personal thoughts on the in-class final [public]

Overall, I was moderately pleased. I was slightly intrigued by the momentum with which a few novice artists improved their technique. I even recommended my advanced course to one or two students. Rob Lucci did a fantastic job modelling the entire class period - Lucci, I thank you for not pulling any half-wit pranks this time. Mr. Roronoa, you completely disregarded my repeated mentioning of cross-hatching. Ms. Goldenweek, I was quite impressed by your still-life sketches; you are quite skilled at capturing even the most infinitesimal of detail. I want to examine your choice to alter the light source for your model painting. Please visit my office before your Winter Break - we will discuss possible placement in the following semester.
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